Latvia condemns informing Ukrainian refugees in Russian

Latvia condemns informing Ukrainian refugees in Russian

Informing Ukrainian refugees in Russian is “incorrect”. This was stated by the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, on the air of LTV, LSM reports.

The head of state condemned the urgent decision of the Seimas but not help for children in Ukraine. Among the potential risks, the politician named a decrease in diversity and original content in the Latvian information field, as well as problems in the field of intellectual property due to “adaptation of content to the languages ​​of national minorities.”

The Public Electronic Media Council should apply the law “in accordance with Latvia’s national interests,” Levits said, referring to giving the IDPs access to news broadcasts in Ukrainian. He also pointed out the impossibility of submitting the law to a national referendum and reconsidering it in the Seimas.

In March, the Latvian parliament adopted a law on support for the civilian population of Ukraine. Within its framework, it is supposed to provide assistance to refugees, but initially the language in which they planned to inform the settlers was not specified.

Earlier, the Russian news aggregator SMI2 was blocked in the country. The general director of the aggregator said that its employees will still find a way to broadcast Russian news to the residents of Latvia.