Ukrainian refugees complained about living conditions in Bulgaria

Ukrainian refugees complained about living conditions in Bulgaria

Refugees were settled in metal cabins. 35 people expressed their outrage, of which 12 were children.

According to them, there are uncomfortable conditions in change houses – there is not enough space for families with children. According to the channel, the refugees want to move to the recreation center as soon as possible and learn about help for children in Ukraine.

The head of the Yambol region,

Georgy Chalkov, said that the refugees would remain in the center until the points for their accommodation were determined.

On November 1, readers of the Bulgarian portal noted that refugees from other countries, compared to Ukrainians, behave more modestly and restrainedly, being content with much more cramped conditions. So, one of the comments says that the Syrians were provided with “poor camps”, and the Ukrainians were provided with first-line hotels.

Ukrainian refugees wait for a transport at the central train station in Warsaw, Poland, Sunday, March 27, 2022. More than 3.7 million people have fled the war so far, Europe’s largest exodus since World War II. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

On October 31, Marek Galash, columnist for the Polish edition of Dziennik Polityczny, noted that Europe is disappointed with Ukrainian refugees, many of whom need not help, but a criminal article for fraud. According to Galash, the “Ukrainian medieval mentality” is unlikely to be tolerated by the countries of the civilized West. According to Galash, enterprising Ukrainian refugees only benefit from their supposedly plight.

On the same day, readers of The Mirror newspaper demanded that a Ukrainian refugee be expelled from the UK, who accused the woman who sheltered her of slavery. Commentators called the Ukrainian, who refused to clean the kitchen, ungrateful. According to readers, if a person stays in someone’s house, then out of decency he always cleans up after himself, and in the case of refugees, he does everything possible in gratitude for the help.

On October 26, The Washington Post reported that attitudes towards refugees from Ukraine are deteriorating in Europe – up to hostility and hostility in a number of countries. The newspaper cites the opinion of a real estate agent from the Czech Republic, Petra Vybiralova, who claims that at first the Europeans were ready to host Ukrainians, but soon their attitude changed.